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Review ratings

I've started posting reviews of books to this blog. I might also start reviewing other things. I'm going to try to give everything a rating out of 10. Calibrating these might take a while, so I might come back and revise some early ratings as things settle down. I'd like to be quite stringent: there's enough really good stuff out there that one need not spend any time on anything less, so ratings should discriminate quite finely between "Good" and "Excellent". Roughly speaking, this is what I'm aiming for:

0/10This has caused me lasting damage.
1/10What is this? What language is it supposed to be in? What was the point of it? Do people read it for fun? Please, somebody, make it stop!
2/10Never waste time on anything like this again.
3/10Amateurish twaddle. How did this make it out of the slush-pile, and how did it get published in this state?
4/10A waste of time.
5/10Neutral. Some worthwhile features, but requires wading through a certain amount of garbage.
6/10OK. Flawed, but not fatally. Would not be averse to trying something else by this writer.
7/10Good; recommended. May well re-read, nominate, vote for, etc. Will probably read any sequel and consider related work.
8/10Very good.
9/10Excellent. Will re-read, and immediately seek out other work by this writer.
10/10Top quality; possibly life-changing. Everyone should read this at once.
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